Swimming pool in bean shape and treated with enzymes and reduced chlorine therefore soft to the skin, hair and eyes

Culinary and wine

The Gers is the region of foie gras, duck breast and duck confit and Armagnac. The vineyards of Plaimont, Saint Mont, Madiran are not far. Good addresses with Gers flavors you will find on: www.tourisme-gers.com

Cabinet Trois Mondes

A unique combination awaits you! While staying in this comfortable guest house nestled in the Gascon countryside, you can book and enjoy some Zen-Shiatsu sessions

(45€ per session per person).



a safe haven,

a home


from home,

a little


of calm.


Treatments for stress, pain and to support the immunity/energy system (registration on arrival or on booking) based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Zen-Shiatsu (acupressure massage). 

(45€ per person per session).